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    Corridor Mode (9:16 mode)

    Covering long and narrow areas effectively by rotating cameras 90 degrees

    What is Corridor Mode?

    Corridor mode, also know as 9:16 mode, is a feature on most VIP Vision, Watchguard and Securview camera products that allows the user to rotate the camera image 90 degrees, converting the widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio to a narrow portrait style 9:16.  This can be very useful when a camera is viewing a narrow aisle or corridor where most of a widescreen image would be taken up by walls or shelving.

    This process requires that the camera is physically rotated 90 degrees and then is also rotated 90 degrees in the NVR / CVR / IP Camera configuration.  This rotation is best suited to tri-axis or turret style dome cameras, but can also be used on bullet or full body style cameras if the housing and mount allows for the correct physical tilt and rotation.

    Here is a video explaining the concept and showing how to implement the feature:

    Note: To use Corridor Mode, cameras must be set to 4.0MP (2688 x 1520) resolution or lower. Please adjust your 5.0MP, 6.0MP, 8.0MP or higher resolution cameras when configuring for Corridor Mode.

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