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    Setting up IP Camera's for Time Lapse

    July 2nd, 2019

    Below is how to setup your IP camera to take snapshots at specified times. In this example we will be turning off recording, and just having the camera take snapshots.

    Before beginning, ensure a SD Card is installed into the camera.

    Connect to the IP Camera through the web interface.

    Select "Setup"

    Select "Camera", "Video", then "Snapshot"

    Change the "Interval" to a value such as "100".

    Select "Storage", "Schedule", then "Snapshot".

    Select the "Setting" button on the right hand side.

    Enter the time when you would like the camera to take snapshots. In this example, the camera will take snapshots at 9am, 12pm and 4pm.

    You can customise this by day, or choose to copy it to all days.

    Select "Save", and then "Save" on the next window.

    Select "Record Control".

    Turn "Record Mode" to "Off". In this example we are not recording footage, only snapshots. If you want to also record footage, you would not change this setting.

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