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    WGAPX64VM – Voice Module

    July 15th, 2019


    The Voice Module is a plug-in board for the WGAP864 alarm panel. The board contains a DMTF decoder chip and a flash memory chip which add telephonic voice interaction to the panel.

    The user can receive alarm messages and control the system via the phone by using the keypad.

    The user must enter their user code before any communication can take place. If the code is entered incorrectly three times the system will hang up.

    User Instructions:

    User Initiated Communications:

    To remotely arm or disarm the alarm, check status or control features in table below:

     If the alarm is sharing a line with either a Fax or Answering Machine you may need set them to 3 or more rings before answering, so as not to interfere with the alarm.

     Dial Alarm

    a. Fax switch over ride – if a fax or answering machine is attached.

        a.i. Allow line to ring once then hang-up. This will set the alarm to answer after 1st ring before the fax on the next call only.

        a.ii. Redial fax number.

    b. Alarm will answer with a short chirp.

    c. Wait for alarm to respond with 3 short beeps.

    d. Enter your user code. If an incorrect user code is entered 3 times the alarm will hang up.

    e. Listen to the reply message.

    f. Enter a command as below.

    g. To end call press # key and hang up.

    Alarm Panel Commands

    Event Reporting

     When an event needs to be reported, the panel will dial the user and the login sequence will begin.

     The user will hear a series of beeps followed by three seconds of silence. This sequence will continue for forty seconds. This will be interrupted by the first key press (DMTF tone) detected during the silence.

     During the three seconds of silence a valid user code should be entered, first the module will acknowledge the correct code with “welcome” and will then begin delivering the events.

     If an incorrect code is entered, the voice module will indicate this with “code incorrect”. Three incorrect code entries will cause the system to hang up.

     The events delivered will depend on the user code and which partitions that code belongs too. Global events will be delivered to all users, i.e. AC fail. Once all events have been delivered, the system will wait for further instructions.

     For panel reporting configuration details refer to the Voice Module brochure, installer manual or IDSwift programming software.


     When configuring user codes that are to receive reports via the voice module, those users must be allocated to partitions with the corresponding user group – Partition 1 users 10 – 19. See User Codes table on X64 Voice Module guide.

     5 additional users (10 to 14) have been created for Partition 1.

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