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    Zone Expander - Configuration

    Connecting the WGAP864 Zone Expansion Modules

    WGAP864 Zone Expansion Modules

    The wireless zone expansion module must receive 12V power from the Watchguard alarm panel (WGAP864) to reduce the chance of ground loops on the keypad bus which can cause communication errors. 

    Zones 1-8 (Built in Zones)

    Zones 9-16 (Plug In Expander - Connects directly to the WGAP864 Panel)

    Zones 17 - 32 ( Plug in Expander - Connects to Keypad Bus)

    Zones 33 - 64 ( Plug in Expander - Connects to Keypad Bus)

    WGAP864WRX16V2 - Dip Switch Configuration

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