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    Installing Smart PSS (v1)

    May 16th, 2019

    The below article covers how to install the Smart PSS Software.

    Please have your device connection details available, as they will need to be entered into the software.

    1. Download the software onto your computer. 

    2.Open the software, select your language, and select "OK".

    3. Select the "Smart PSS" option, and leave "PC NVR" de-selected. Then follow the prompts to finish the installation.

    4. After the installation is finished, open the software. You may be prompted to set a password, keep this password handy for later use.

    5.Enter the password you have set for the software the select "Login".

    6. The software will now be open, and you will be on the Home Page. Select the "DEVICES" option, under the "Settings" selection.

    7. Select the "Manual Add" option.

    8. Enter the details of the device you wish to add to the software. After the details have been entered, select the "Get Info" button. The "Device Details" will fill out if the details you entered are correct. Select the "Add" button.

    9. The device will now appear in the bottom list. Allow 1 minute for the device to come online in the software.

    10. Select the "Home Page" option, you can now begin using the software, to Playback, and Live View".

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