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    iOS DMSS Notification Troubleshooting

    November 25th, 2020

    If push notifications are not being received on iOS, please follow the below steps.

    Step 1 - Ensure DMSS application is up to date

    1. Open the app store on your phone.

    2. Select Updates, then select the UPDATE button next to DMSS.

    If DMSS is not listed on this page, it is already updated to the latest version.

    Step 2 - Allowing network permission (Applies iOS 14 Only)

    1. If prompted with the message "DMSS would like to find and connect to devices on your local network." Select OK.

    2. If you are not prompted, go to the DMSS app settings on your phone, and enable Local Network.


    Step 3 - Allow notifications

    1. Open Settings, then Notifications.

    2. Select DMSS.

    3. Ensure Allow Notifications is enabled.

    Step 4 - Turn notifications off, and back on

    1. Open DMSS.

    2. On the Home page, tap on the 3 dots icon next to the device you wish to subscribe to notifications for. 

    3. Select Device Details.

    4. Select Notification.

    5. Turn notifications off.

    6. Turn notifications back on, then select Save.

    Step 5 - Ensure Time & Date is set correctly on the device


    On an NVR you can set the time & date under Main Menu > System > General > Date&Time
    Set the System Time, Time Zone and DST (if applicable).


    On an Intercom Door Station you can set the time & date under Local Config > System
    Set the System Time, Time Zone and DST (if applicable).

    Step 6 - Update Firmware

    The final step is to update firmware for the affected device.

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