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    How To Enable Motion Detection - Black Interface

    August 10th, 2020

    There are 2 settings that need to be applied for motion detection to be recorded.

    One is the recording schedule the other is the Motion Detection setting for each camera.

    1. Enable Motion Schedule

    1. Select Main Menu, Storage, then Schedule.

    2. Select Schedule then choose the camera channel number, or all if you want to turn Motion on for all channels.

    3. Click Setting.

    4. You can choose whether or not MD will be recorded everyday or on select days. Select all to record motion detection everyday. Enable the MD tick box to turn on Motion Detection for this period. Click OK once finished.

    In the example below, period 1 has Regular and MD selected. This will make the selected channels record 24/7 and on motion detection.  

    5. Click OK to save settings. 

    2. Enable Motion Detection

    1. Go to Main Menu, then Alarm.

    2. On the left hand side select Video Detection. Select the Channel Number, then the Enable button.

    3. Click the Apply button to save.

    3. Adjusting Motion Detection

    If motion detection is triggering too easily, follow the below steps to adjust the sensitivity and region of detection.

    1. Go to Main Menu, then Alarm.

    2. On the left hand side select Video Detection. Select the Region Setting button.

    3. Adjust the Sensitivity and Threshold. There are multiple region settings if you wish to set different Sensitivity and Threshold settings for different parts of the image.
    Sensitivity determines how sensitive the camera is to motion. Threshold determines how much motion is required to trigger an event.

    4. Adjust the area of detection by clicking and dragging on the red squares. Red squares are where motion will be detected. Clear squares are where motion will not be detected. Right Click to exit, and select Apply.

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