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    Setting up a Tour on a Recorder - Black GUI

    August 10th, 2020

    A tour is a selection of live video feeds that get switched between automatically.

    To setup a tour, follow the below steps.

    1. Right Click and select Main Menu.

    2. Select Display.

    3. Select Tour Setting, then the Enable button.

    5. Select the cameras you wish to view by ticking the check boxes. Ensure you change the Live Layout and De-Select cameras you do no want to see in the tour. (The Live Layout is how many cameras you can view on screen at once.) Customise the camera order by using the buttons on the bottom of the page. 

    6. Enter an Interval, this is how long the same camera will be displayed before switching to the next camera. Select Apply.

    Stopping and Starting a Tour

    To stop a tour, on the live view screen select the tour icon . This will lock the tour on the last camera that was displayed. Pressing this button again will resume the tour.

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