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    PTZ Autotracking

    April 14th, 2021

    To access the PTZ, you will need to login to the web interface. This can be done through the NVR web interface, or directly to the camera. 

    Once logged into the PTZ Camera, Navigate to Setting > PTZ > Function

    Click add, and add a preset. This will be the preset the Autotracking is enabled for. 

    Step 2.
    Click add plan, then select the Preset above and click Deep IVS. 

    Step 3. Go to Event > Deep IVS

    Click the Green Plus at the top right and a Rule will be created. This is default a tripwire rule, select intrusion.
    Now you can Click Draw Rule, at the bottom left of the video window. Then click on the screen to add points, right click when finished to complete the intrusion rule.

    Next, select both Appears /Cross and Alarm Track with your desired tracking time. 

    Click Save.


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