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    Mobile Recorder's - Trigger Alarm Inputs via External Relay

    Multiple uses for the MCVR/MNVR Alarm Input and Outputs

    To have the recorder display a camera when the vehicle is put into reverse, follow the steps below

    Step 1 - Configuring a Tour

    1. Go to Main Menu > Setting > System > Display.
    2. Now click the Tour Setup button to enter the Tour menu.
    3. Remove all entries by changing the window split then deleting the channel group.
    4. Select Window Split as View 1 then select the reverse camera.
    5. The tour is now configured.

    Step 2 - Configuring the Alarm Input

    1. Go to the Main Menu Setting Event Alarm

    2. Enable the alarm input, then select the type, N.O or N.C

    3. Enable the tour button and select the tour preset which contains the reversing camera in full screen.

    Step 3 - Enable Alarm Recording Schedule

    1. Go to Main Menu > System > Schedule.
    2. Enable Alarm for your chose period to record alarm events.

    Wiring Diagram - Triggering an Alarm Input via External Relay


    Alarm Inputs/Output Diagram

    Name Pin Definition
    NO or NC
    Input 1-7 - Normal Input
    Input 8-9 - Pulse Input
    C, NO
    C - Common
    NO - Normally Open
    The alarm output maximum load is 0.5A. Use an external relay for higher current devices.  
    L, H
    CAN Port

    Alarm Ground
    A, B
    RS485 Port

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