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    MDVR-J400 How to view & backup footage via WiFi

    June 20th, 2023

    Tap on the MDVR-J400 device you wish to view footage for.
    Tap on the  icon.
    Tap on the  icon
    The WiFi of the device will turn on.
    Take note of the SSID & Password
    Go to your WiFi networks on your phone.
    Join the WiFi network whose SSID matches the previous step.
    Select FrontCam (Main, street facing camera) or InwardCam (Secondary, driver facing camera).
    Tap on the folder for the Date you wish to view.
    Tap the icon to play the file.

    Tap on the icon to expand the options for the file.
    Tap the icon to download the clip.

    Tap on the  icon to view the downloaded clips, or view them in your phone's storage

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