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    Packaging Hard Drives for Transit

    May 24th, 2021

    If you have a Hard Drive that needs to be returned, follow the steps below to ensure we receive it in good condition. As hard drives are sensitive components, any damage will void the warranty of the product.

    1. Pack tight. Use plenty of bubble wrap or non-movable foam cushioning to protect your drive from impact damage during shipping. Never use foam-packing peanuts, as they create a potentially dangerous static charge and will not provide sufficient protection for hard drives.

    2. Protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD). Pack HDD's in anti-static bags if possible. You can find anti-static bags at many electronic stores, and all new hard drives come with an anti-static bag.

    3. Use only a sturdy cardboard box. Inspect the box for signs of damage and wear before packing. Do not use chipboard cartons or padded envelopes when shipping hard drives, as this type of packaging do not provide sufficient protection.  

    4. Attach Return Details. Print out the Return Authorisation and send back with the item, alternatively write your service ticket number clearly on your package in bold print. This will allow our staff to easily identify your media when it arrives. If you do not have a Return Authorisation, contact our support team who can provide one.

    5. Ship to the address listed on the service ticket sent. Keep a copy of your ticket number for future reference.

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