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    MDVR-J200 useful tips and tricks

    February 6th, 2024

    MDVR-J200 is a 3G/WiFi In-Vehicle Surveillance & GPS Tracking System. There are some useful tips and tricks for users:

    1)  SIM card must have data, voice, and SMS capabilities.

    2) Quick car status update for the first time - Since all the driving data and car status are all uploaded to a web server, there is some delay between the car status on the

    web server and real situation. For example, when the car switches its engine ON/OFF, its on/off status will be updated on the web server after about 3 minutes. To update the position when first installed, turn the engineer on for until the GPS and mobile network is stable (Blue and Green LEDs stay on), switch off for 5 seconds and switch on again.

    The new position should be located.

    3) Vibration and crash reporting - Vibration is inevitable while driving. Most users disable these notifications.

    4)  On the App:

    a) Fuel/Power remote Control: This is to control the fuel cut relay.

    Restore=Disable Fuel cut (Fuel pump connected)

    Cut off=Fuel cut relay turns on (Fuel pump disconnected)

    Query Status: Query about the current status of the fuel cut relay.

    0=Fuel pump relay is not on (Normal operation)

    1=Fuel pump relay turns (Fuel pump cut).

    It is a bit confusing in the App.

    You need to enter the Password to query the relay status.

    b) SOS number: This is the reporting number to your mobile phone. There is a SOS switch on the unit, press and hold for about two seconds, a SMS and voice all will call to the preset numbers.

    Up to 3 numbers can be preset.

    Other reporting will also report to this number so be careful not to select too many notification otherwise you'll be busy.

    Most users disable the vibration and crash notification as vibration is inevitable while driving.

    i) SOS setting: Enter the mobile numbers and press Send button, the numbers will be registered.

    ii) Delete SOS number: Delete SOS number (Mobile number)

    iii) Query SOS setting - Query the number stored on the device.

    5) To check firmware version of the device, send VERSION#666666 to the number on the device. It will report the firmware version.

        The latest version is: [VERSION]KM8216_EN_USB_V1.2_20181218 

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