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    How To Enable Alarm Box To CVR's From PIR Motion Cameras

    June 12th, 2019

    How To Enable Alarm Box To CVR's From PIR Motion Cameras

    Connect the PIR camera to recorder. from there connect the alarm box to the recorder with A-A and B-B

    From there in the recorder main menu -> Alarm. We want to go to alarm input and enable for alarm box 1.Click on the setting option for alarm output and enable ext. alarm, select alarm box 1, and select alarm out 1.

    Once this is done we want to enable the motion settings as normal. from there, there is a alarm out option with a setting tab this is the same setting tab as the alarm input menu that was previously set.
    We do not need to enable the PIR option for this as it triggers by motion already from the above settings.

    From there connect the output of the alarm box to alarm panel as you would a normal PIR within the zones on the panel.
    Depending on the alarm panel you can either set normally closed in the alarm input menu or normally open in the alarm input option on the recorder.
    Can be used for door strikes, sirens, alarm panels.

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