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    ALL-SIR1 Quick Start Guide.

    ALL-SIR1 -quick start guide-

    To start using the siren as a Wireless Siren or Standalone Alarm, please follow the step-by-step instructions below:



     Open Package

    1. Open the package.
    2. Power up the siren using the 12V1A power pack (included).
    3. Remove the "blocked" tag from the battery.
    4. Check the CR18650 3.7V battery to ensure that it measures between 4V and 4.20V (indicating the battery is in good condition for use).
    5. Allow approximately 1 minute to pass before pressing the "power button" on the board to turn on the siren (you will hear 1 beep).

    Important Note:

    1. If the backup battery voltage is lower than the specified range, please keep the unit powered up with the power pack to pair it with the Hub.  
    2. The Backup battery will be charged while the power pack is plugged.
    3. Always use the app while pairing this siren with the Hub to prevent any potential mistakes.



    Note: This siren will run on the main 12V DC power supply. The 3.7V battery is only used as a backup during power outages.

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