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    Software downloads for Intercoms & NVRs

    The latest versions for all of our Software can be found on this page.


    SmartPSS is an application for your computer that can be used to live view, playback and configure your recorder.

    SmartPSS for Windows

    SmartPSS for Mac

     Smart Player

    Smart Player is an application for your computer that can be used to playback exported footage, as well as convert it to a different file type.

    Smart Player for Windows

    Smart Player for Mac


    DMSS is the currently supported app for the remote viewing of recorders and Intercoms from your phone.

    DMSS on the Android Google Play Store

    DMSS on the iOS App Store

    If you are using a different app we recommend you update to DMSS as the previous apps are no longer supported.
    Previous apps include:

    • gDMSS Plus/iDMSS Plus
    • gDMSS Lite/iDMSS Lite
    • Easyviewer
    • Easy4IP

     Config Tool

    Config Tool is a Windows based software that allows you to search for Cameras, NVRs, Access Control and Intercom products on your local network and perform tasks such as initialisation, IP Address modification and more. There is no Config Tool for Mac at this time.

    Config Tool for Windows

     Convert Tool

    Convert Tool is a windows based software that allows you to convert .dav files into other formats such as .avi & .mp4. This can be useful when you wish to view your exported media without using SmartPlayer.

    Convert Tool for Windows

     VLC Media Player

    VLC Media Player is a media player capable of playing many formats of media without having to source codecs.

    VLC Media Player

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