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    WGAP864 Alarm Panel Firmware Upgrade

    How to Upgrade firmware to 2.7

    Open the link below that will show you how to upgrade a WGAP864 to the latest version, 2.7.

    How to Upgrade a WGAP864 Panel to 2.7V.pdf

    1. Download IDSwift 2 - Alarm Panel Programming Software

    2. Log in: password - admin

    3Open the New Client page.

    4. Fill out the Client Details page - Installer Code and Download Code MUST BE 9999

    5. Create the Client Account by selecting the original software version that is installed on the alarm panel.

    6. Enter the Panel Actions page and open the Upgrade Firmware section.

    7. “Connect” Direct to “COM”. You can identify which COM port by going to Device Manager on the computer, and look under Unviersal Serial Bus Controllers.

    8. Open the firmware file “X64_271_201703221600.enc”

    9. “Transfer Error” means “Error: Reset Panel” (notice is behind after entering “OK” button.

    10. Another error will come up if J3 does not have jumper on.

    11. Power OFF the system – Connect J3 with a jumper. Press & hold down the default button on the main panel. Power on the alarm panel, the LED will be on steady. Release the default button, the system will reset. Select the Begin Bootload button.

    12.    Follow the instructions on the pop up box to reset the alarm panel.

    13.    Press # button on the Keypad to register it to the alarm panel.

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