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    IDSwift 2 - How to use and connect to your alarm panel

    January 3rd, 2023

    Step 1 - Install IDSwift2

    1. Download the latest drivers and USB software.
    2. Extract the files to the desktop or another folder.
    3. Open the USB Drivers folder and run IDS_USB_INSTALLER.exe to install the drivers for your device to communicate with the WGAP864 via Serial USB Cable. Ensure you select the option to install drivers.

    Step 2 - Add the WGAP864 to IDSwift2

    1. Run IDSwift2.
    2. Log in with admin / admin.
    3. Click New to add a new Client.
    4. Fill out the Account Ref, Client Name, Panel Type, Firmware Version, Hardware Version, Installer Code, Download Code, then click Next.
    5. Select the IDS X64 2.8x Default Template, then click Create.

    Step 3 - Open the Client and connect to the panel

    1. Click Open, then select the client file created in Step 2, then select Open Client.
    2. Click Connect, select the Port the Serial cable is connected to, then click Connect.

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