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    Wiring the COS to the WGAP864

    June 28th, 2022

    The COS (Complete Outdoor Siren) can be wired to most alarm panels as it supports both AC and DC siren power.

    To wire the COS to a WGAP864 alarm panel, follow the below table.

    The WGAP864 uses a DC siren output, meaning the yellow and green cables are not used.

    Note that it is recommended to wire the tamper switch for the siren, however it is not required for the system to function.

    Cable Colour Function WGAP864 Connection
    Red (Figure 8) Strobe DC Positive Power Programmable Output 2
    Black (Figure 8) Strobe DC Negative Power Programmable Output Negative
    Red Siren DC Positive Siren +
    Black Siren DC Negative Siren -
    White Tamper Switch Connect to a 3k3 resistor, then connect the other side of the resistor to a free zone. Zone type must be set as "Tamper Zone", zone type 11.
    Blue Tamper Switch Wire to zone common

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