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    VIP Residential Intercom Keypad Configuration

    How to configure the INTIPVDSK/INTIPVDSR and add cards/user codes

    1. Open Internet Explorer,(Microsoft Edge/Chrome/Firefox/Safari are not supported) and enter the IP address of the door station in the URL bar and press enter. If you do not know the IP, it can be found by using the VDP Config Tool.

    2 . The default login is admin / admin. This can be changed from the account page. 


    This step is only required for the above models. 

    1. Navigate to System Config > Local Config > Local Config. Set "Device type" to "Modularize Villa" and click "OK" to save.

    2. Navigate to System Config > Local Config > Facade Layout. Here, you can customise your system and add the modules you have installed, e.g keypad, card reader etc.
    Add the Keypad Module, save, then exit the browser and log in again.

    3. Navigate to System Config > Local Config > A&C Manager. Input a new Menace Password. Once you enter the new password twice, select OK and your Menace Password will update.

    It is recommended that you change the Menace password as the default code of 654321 is used and can be used to gain access to the door.

    5. Go to System Config > User Manager > Password Manager. Any passwords saved will show up here. You can also remove or modify them if they are no longer required. 
    Click “Add Password”.

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    6. Enter a Username (ID for who will use the code) and a Password (The Code) and click “OK”.

    The Syntax to enter a code to unlock the door with the keypad is:
    # <User Code> # 
    B <User Code> B

    Issuing User Cards

    1. Click Issue Card

    2. Within 30 seconds of scanning a card, click confirm the issue. 


    3. Now enter the room number and card number. You may wish to identify the card, although the unique card number will be shown in the indoor manager.

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