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    How to Configure ANR

    Auto Network Replenishment Configuration



    The Auto Network Replenishment (ANR) function allows an NVR to download recorded files from a camera if the connection is interrupted.

    If the Camera disconnects from the NVR but remains on (E.g NVR is powered off, or network issues occur), once the connection is restored between the camera and NVR any footage the NVR is missing will be copied from the camera to the NVR.

    This function can only be used if the target IP camera has an SD card installed.

    In the images below, you can see the NVR's recorded footage for a camera. The camera disconnected from the NVR for approximately 10 minutes. 
    After the camera reconnected to the NVR, it's footage was copied to the NVR and the NVR continued to record as normal afterward.

    Before ANR

    After ANR

    ANR Configuration

    Step 1 - Configure SD card recording on the camera

    1. Install a MicroSD card into the camera.
    2. Navigate to Setting > Storage > Schedule > Record
    3. Configure the recording schedule. 24/7 General and Motion recording is recommended.

    Step 2 - Setup ANR on the NVR

    1. Navigate to the storage settings under Setting -> Storage -> Schedule
    2. Tick the box to enable ANR.
    3. Set the record period (In seconds) from 0-43200 (0-12 hours).


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