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    Configuring NVR/CVR Abnormal Events

    How to enable and utilise the alarm functions of a Watchgurd/VIP recorder


    Navigate to Main Menu > Alarm. Then select HDD / NETWORK / USER or DEVICE to configure specific alarms.

    In the example above, we have selected HDD to view the Hard Drive Alarms then selected Show Message and Log. This will enable the recorder to display a visible message, NO HDD, and also log this event to the recorders internal Log.

    If you wish to disable any of the alarm events, simply click the enable button so that it is no longer highlighted, then click Apply > Save.

    You can view the other available events by clicking on Event Type drop down box.

    Alarm Options

    Enable  Enable or Disable Event
    Alarm Out Select alarm output ports to trigger on event 
    Latch  Duration of Alarm Event when triggered, measured in seconds.
    Show Message Shows a pop up message on the Main Display of the recorder. 
    Alarm Upload Not Used 
    Send Email Sends an email to the designated email when the event is triggered.  
    Requires Email setup prior to sending email. 
    Buzzer Audible Buzzer will play sound when event is triggered.
    Log  Enables NVR to save events to the log records.
    Voice Prompts Plays an audio file when alarm event is triggered.

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