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    Cleaning CCTV Cameras

    October 25th, 2021

    Cameras with dirty dome covers usually look fine during the day, but come night time you can see IR reflecting off the dirt/fingerprints and spiderwebs, causing glare. This most commonly occurs on traditional style dome cameras. 

    If you camera is foggy/blurry and you struggle to see anything clearly from the camera, your camera is due for a clean. Cameras should be cleaned every few months, or more frequently if you notice the image quality degrade.

    To the left is a snapshot from a camera that needs to be cleaned. There is cobwebs and dirt that during the day are difficult to see, but are obvious at night.

    Dirty Dome Comparison Pictures

    The below images show the same two cameras during the night & day before cleaning, and at night time after cleaning.

    Dirty Dome Cover - Day
    Dirty Dome Cover - Night
     Clean Dome Cover - Night

    How to clean a Camera

    To clean the camera, follow the below steps

    1. Using a cobweb cleaner, clean off all the cobwebs on and around the camera, if necessary apply outdoor surface spray near the camera to prolong them from reappearing. Do not spray this on the camera.
    2. Using a damp microfiber glass cleaning cloth, wipe the outside of the camera lens, ensuring it is spotless. Any small pieces of dirt will show up at night.

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