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    Upgrading Recorder Firmware

    Firmware upgrade guide.


    Firmware Upgrades should be performed by an experienced technician/installer.

    Installing incorrect firmware can break your device and void warranty.

    If you are unsure at any step in this process please contact Technical Support

    First you will need to identify the model number of your recorder.

    This can be found on the bottom of the DVR. Alternatively provide the SDVR(located on the rear of the recorder) to your rep/tech support and we can identify the model. 

    Once you have identified the model, search for it on our website.
    If you cannot find the firmware on the website, please contact Technical Support for more information. 

    If the downloaded file is a .rar or .zip you will need to open the archive file and copy the firmware .bin file to your USB. 

    How to Extract files from a rar/zip archive

    1. Navigate to your downloads folder.

    2. Click on Downloads under This PC, then double click the firmware file to open it.

    3. Right click on the file and select copy

    4. Click and drag the file to your desktop or USB device. 

    (Blue GUI) How to install the firmware update

    1. Download the firmware from the list at the bottom of this article
    2. Put it on a USB and plug it into the NVR
    3. Select the System Update option that appears
    4. Select Upgrade
    5. Select the firmware file, then press Start

    (Black GUI) How to install the update 

    Insert the USB into your recorder and click on System Upgrade.


    Your USB's folders will be displayed.

    Click the firmware file then click OK to start the upgrade.

    You will not be able to use the device while the upgrade is installing. Once finished the recorder will automatically reboot.

    Once the NVR restarts, check your cameras are operating correctly.

    If you experience any issues that were not present before the upgrade, please contact technical support or your installer. 

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