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    SLR-B180-4G & SLR-B180-4W Remote Programming - Solar CCTV Use

    October 13th, 2021

    Below are the setting required for the SLR-B180-4G & SLR-B180-4W which are 24V Systems.

    Note that while the trigger and timing settings here can be changed to turn on the light,  settings shown in bold are critical to the charging of the battery and should not be altered:

    Bat Type: Li_Po

    BoostCharge: 28.8

    Voltage Low: 21

    Recover Vol: 24

    PowerSaving: OFF

    TurnOnPVVol: 6V

    Output Cur: 300ma

    DriveMode: Time Ctrl

    First Time: 9.00 HR

    LightRatio: 0%

    Second Time: 9.00 HR

    LightRatio: 0%

    Third Time: 9.00 HR

    LightRatio: 0%

    FourthTime: 9.00 HR

    LightRatio: 0%

    Fifth Time: 9.00 HR

    LightRatio: 0%

    MorningLight: Off

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