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    ENSA Solar Street Lighting

    ENSA Solar Street Lighting

    The ENSA SSL-B60MC integrates the solar panel, battery, charge controller and an LED light with microwave motion sensor. A 25.6VDC nominal (29VDC max.) output is then provided for operation of cameras or other equipment.

    1. Solar Panel - The solar panel used in this product is a 180W monocrystalline type with 20% conversion efficiency and 25-year rated lifespan. This is a frameless panel which is then bonded into our panel housing containing battery, MPPT charge controller and light. The panel housing is fully ventilated to allow for convective cooling of both the battery and panel to reduce temperatures. The energy storage is provided by a fully sealed 25.6V 48Ah / 1228.8Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack, made from 26650 cells. The pack has inbuilt over current and over discharge protection to prevent damage due to misuse. It has a greater than 2000 cycle lifetime when discharged to 80% depth of discharge at 1C.

    1. LED Light - A 60W LED light is fitted to the panel which is wired into the charge controller. Using Lumileds 5050 LEDs makes it very efficient, providing more than 11000lm at full power (180lm/w) in cool white. The light can be tilted up to 60-degrees independent of the solar panel so that you don’t have to make a compromise between light placement and solar energy collection. As standard this product is available in 5600K cool white and a type-III light distribution, however it is also available in a type-II distribution or any other colour temperature as required. When used as a light only (without CCTV), the system can deliver 18-hours of light at full power (11000lm) - In practice with motion sensor active you can expect it to function 5-7 nights with overcast conditions during the day.

    1. Motion Sensor - The light output can be controlled by time of day or in conjunction with the integrated microwave motion sensor. The motion sensor allows detection at heights of up to 10m and allows for either on/off control or dimming to predetermined levels on no motion. Light output and sensor times are programmable using a supplied infrared remote control.

    1. Pole Mounting Bracket - The bracket is designed to fit a 60mm spigot pole mount and is secured to the pole using 4 x Torx grub screws. It allows the panel to be tiled up to 60-degrees to optimise for solar efficiency. For locations in the Sydney area, we recommend the panel is directed north with a tilt angle of approximately 49-degrees to maximise power collected over the winter period.

    1. Bird Deterrent - An anti-bird spike strip is provided and can be fitted at the top end of the panel.
    2. Safety Cable - A steel safety cable is provided to prevent the panel from falling in the event of a main bracket failure. This cable loops around the pole and connects to the bracket where the light is mounted.

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