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    Product Overview

    LED Indication



    Blink continuously 


    Blink once 

    Intrusion detected 

    Blink twice 

    Testing mode is finished, the detector enters power-saving mode 

    Blink once every 3 seconds 

    Low battery, please replace the battery as soon as possible 

    PCB Layout

    Infrared sensor: It detects the infrared rays released by human body motion, please don't touch the surface and always keep it clean. 

    Tamper switch: Once the case is opened in work mode, the tamper switch is triggered and then generates an alarm signal. 

    Detection Range

    Pet Immune Function

    This sensor adopts dual detection window design to improve detection accuracy. It was only when both two detection windows detect body movement will it trigger an alarm. While only one window will not cause an alarm. Based on this principle, pets less than 25 kgs will not be detected by the sensor.

    Pairing to Control Panel

    Control panel enters paring state

    Make the control panel in paring state.


    Press the test button

    Press the test button on the back of the detector twice, the control panel beeps once to indicate a successful pairing.


    Note: If the control panel beeps twice when the above operation is done, it means the detector has been paired already.

    Working Mode

    Testing Mode

    Press twice on the test button, the detector enters testing mode and detects once every movement at the front lens of the detector. After 3 minutes, the LED indicator blinks twice, and the detector switches to power saving mode.

    Power Saving Mode

    This motion detector has smart power saving function. If the detector is triggered twice within 3 minutes, it enters sleeping state immediately to save power. During this period, any movement detected does not generate an alarm. After no movement within the next 3 minutes, it goes back to working mode again.


    When the detector goes into sleeping mode, the precondition of alarm is that nobody

    moves in 3 minutes in the detection area, otherwise it will remain in the sleeping mode.

    If the detector is in sleeping mode, it is suggested to leave the room and make sure

    nobody moves in the detection area. The detector will go back to working mode in 3 minutes.


    It is to check whether the PIR Motion Detector can work properly or not.


    Remove the insulation strip

    Press down the snap joint, open the case, and remove the insulation strip to activate batteries. After self-testing for 1 minute, it enters working mode.


    Arm the system

    Make sure the alarm system is in armed state.


    Trigger an alarm

    Press the test button until an alarm is triggered. The detector is proved to be connected successfully and ready for installation.


    After making sure the detector works normally, do as follows:

    Choose a suitable installation location

    It is recommended to mount it at the height of 2m from the ground.

    Fix the detector

    Fix the bracket on the wall with screws and attach the detector to the bracket.

    Test the PIR motion detector

    Press the test button at the back. It switches to the testing mode and sustains for 3 minutes. Walk in the detection scope and observe the LED. When body movement is detected, the LED blinks once.

    Adjust the angle

    Adjust the bracket angle to achieve the best detection effect.

    Installation Notices


    Mount the detector to a location close to the entry or exit.

    The detector aims at preventing intrusion. Detecting human movement at the entry or exit is critical for security.

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