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    ALC-SIR2 Used as Standalone Alarm Panel.

    June 8th, 2023


    The ALC-SIR2 can be used as a standalone alarm panel by learning in modules such as a ALC-RSW1/2 or ALC-BEAM1 and will sound off when triggered. Please note the mobile app cannot be used without the main alarm panel unit. 

    Getting Started:

    1. Load 9V Battery Alkaline Battery 
    2. Set the Volume and Duration of the Siren
    3. Start to use by pressing the Power Button ON


    • The 9V battery is used to charge 18650 battery in case it is out of power/with low power after a long-time storage. 
    • Use the 9V battery to charge 18650 battery for 12 hours and then remove 9V battery before installation
    • The Battery 18650 for running the ALC-SIR2: 3.7V/1800mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery 


    Important Note: Do not trigger any accessory during ALC-SIR2 connecting with Alarm Panel.

    Regardless of configuration type, wireless siren or a standalone alarm panel, if not disarmed after the ALC-SIR2 has triggered,  the status indicator of ALC-SIR2 will flash once every 2 seconds to inform the user that the alarm system has been triggered.

    Configuration Types

    There are two configuration types for the ALC-SIR, Standalone OR Wireless Alarm Accessory.

    1. Standalone Alarm - Allows the pairing of accessories to trigger the Standalone Siren

    1. Press the LEARN button on the ALC-SIR2 until you hear one beep, the ALC-SIR2 enters the Learn Mode now. 
    2. Press  the:
      • Arm/SOS button (ALC-RC1/ALC-PNB1)
      • Or press once on the button at the back of ALC-PIR1  
      • Or trigger ALC-RSW1 by the magnet unit 
    1. The siren will beep once again if programming is successfully.
    2. Press Disarm button test.

    2. Connect Wireless Siren to Alarm Panel

    1. Press the LEARN button (0.5 seconds) on the ALC-SIR2, you hear one beep, the ALC-SIR2 enters to Learn Mode now.
    2. Press Arm or SOS button on the alarm panel or app, the siren should beep once again if programming is successfully.
    3. Press the LEARN button again to exit.

    Service Mode (Test Mode)
         This mode is to prevent triggering the system when it is going to mount on the wall.

    1. Press Disarm Button on the remote controller 3 times within 5 seconds, then a long beep will be heard, the siren enters to Service Mode successful (2 beeps on first & second time, then a long beep will be heard on the third time when Disarm button pressed)
    2. The siren will beep every time when any accessory triggered only. This function is convenience on installation.
    3. Press Arm Button on the remote controller to exit Service Mode, a long beep will be heard (or will automatically exit mode after 15 minutes)


    1. Press the Tamper switch 7 times
    2. Make sure the time interval of two pressing is less than 3 seconds, as over 3 seconds, the siren will alarm.

    Disconnect with All Alarm Panels or Accessories
    Press and hold the "LEARN" button of the siren for 5 seconds and release the button when two beeps are heard, all the paired alarm panels or accessories are disconnected


    Note: The siren will beep once when "LEARN" button is pressed

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