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    ALL-SMD1 Operations.


    - Open [Watchguard Force App.]

    - Enter [Accessories] page then choose [Sensors] page

    - Press the [Add] button on this page to enter the pairing page, and you will hear a single beep

    - Press then release the button on the base of the smoke detector, red LED starts to flash quickly in 10 seconds.

    - Beep twice will hear on the alarm panel.

    - This pair is successful and [Smoke Detector] should appear on the App.



    - Press and hold down the [TEST] button (button on the top part) for three seconds then alarm will sound loud short beeps

    - Release the [TEST] button once may stop sounding.


    HUSH FUNCTION (Silence Function)

    When the alarm panel is triggered by the smoke sensors, it can be muted using the hush function as described below:

    - Hush the “SLAVE” smoke sensor = Press [Test Button] for the first time

    - Hush the “MASTER” smoke sensor = Press [Test Button] for the second time. 

    Hush the “ALL” smoke sensors = Press [Test Button] for the third time. 


    * Note: Need to wait a little to ensure that smoke sensor receiver a mute.

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