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    INTIPRDSG Firmware

    July 4th, 2022

    There are two different generations of INTIPRDSG, each with their own firmware. Before proceeding, you will need to identify the generation in order to choose the correct firmware. 

    If the INTIPRDSG is a GEN.3 model it will have GEN.3 written on the box and on the product label. If the INTIPRDSG does not have this label, it is a GEN.2.

    Firmware for GEN.2 INTIPRDSG (2021-11-16)

    Firmware for GEN.3 INTIPRDSG (2022-02-16)

    How to upgrade Intercom Firmware

    To upgrade firmware on a Indoor Monitor or Outdoor Station, follow the steps below. Before beginning, ensure you have the latest firmware for your product downloaded to your computer and that your computer is in the same IP address range as the intercom device.

    1. Download and open Config Tool.
    2. Select the Upgrade menu.
    3. Select Search Settings and enter the password for the device you would like to upgrade. Select OK.
    4. Select the Browse button next to the device you would like to upgrade, and select the firmware file.
    5. Select the Upgrade button.
    6. Select Main Program, then select OK.
    7. The upgrade process will now begin. After it is completed, it is recommend to default the device.

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