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    Intercom Door Latch / Gate / Exit Button Wiring

    June 9th, 2021

    Normally Closed and Normally Open wiring

    Before connecting the Door Station to a door latch or gate motor, refer to your door latch or gate motor installation manual for specific product information. The Door Station uses a dry contact relay, rated at Max 2A 30VDC.

    Using an External Relay

    If wiring the Door Station to anything other then a door latch, such as an electric gate with dry contacts, it is recommended to use an external relay.

    Two Door Latch Outputs using INTIPDM

    If you require 2 door latch outputs to be triggered individually, the INTIPDM is required to trigger a second latch. In the diagram below the INTIPRDSG Door Station is being used and is utilising the 12V output. This can be substituted for a 12VDC Power supply.

    Push-To-Exit Button

    If you require a push to exit button, ensure it is a NO button. Wiring the latch as per one of the three diagrams, then connect your button.

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