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    Ubiquiti Troubleshooting

    August 2nd, 2021

    Ubiquiti Access Point / Station Troubleshooting

    Not connecting
    Confirm SSID and Password are matching on both devices. One device is set to "AP" and the other "Station". If using AirOS 8, make sure PTP is set on the right mode, ON for connection between one AP and one Station, OFF for connection of more then one station.
    No Power - No Power Lights on the back
    Ensure the included Ubiquiti PoE Injector is plugged in, or a Ubiquiti ToughSwitch setup in 24V mode is being used.
    Unit defaults its settings on its own.
    Check for faults with the cable to the device, if problem persists, turn off the "Remote Reset" option. Ensure the password for the device is recorded, after turning this option off, there is no way to reset the password.

    Ubiquiti UniFi Troubleshooting

    Launch button greyed out
    This usually happens when other software is using the same ports as the UniFi controller. Software such as MYOB and anti-virus software are common causes. Exit these programs, and re-launch the UniFi software.

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