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    WT2-UAPACLR Setup via UniFi Network Mobile App

    Setup guide for Unifi Networks to setup Ubiquiti Devices

    AP Setup

    Step 1 - Download the UniFi Network App

    Download the UniFi Network app from iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

    Step 2 - Connect the AP to the UniFi Network App

    1. Go to Account > Standalone Devices
    2. Tap Connect to AP, then Connect to AP.
    3. When prompted, scan the QR code on the back of the AP. Alternatively, enter the MAC ID manually by tapping Enter ID Manually.
    4. Click Join to allow the Unifi Network to connect to the AP.
    5. Tap Done when the Finished prompt appears.

    Step 3 - Change the login credentials of the AP

    Once the UniFi Network app has adopted the AP you should see it in the Standalone Devices screen.

    1. Tap on the AP on the Standalone Devices page.
    2. Enter a Username, Password and Country for the AP, then click Done.

    Step 4 - Configure the Radios & WLANs

    1. Tap on Configure.
    2. Tap on Radios.
    3. Turn on Radio 2G and Radio 5G
    4. Tap the  button to return to the previous page.
    5. Tap on WLANs.
    6. Enter the SSID & Security Key for both the 2.4GHz and 5 GHz Radios. If you set this to be the same as the existing WiFi, any connected devices will automatically connect to the strongest signal.
    7. Tap the  button to return to the previous page.
    8. Tap Save.

    Troubleshooting & LED Light guide


    The LED indicator of my AP isn't steady white, how do I fix this?

    If your AP LED isn't steady white, this can mean one of a few things, e.g. the device might be loading, it may have been adopted already or it might not be getting enough power.

    To make a previously adopted device available for adoption or resolve startup issues, reset it to factory defaults first.

    If the LED isn't visible at all, try connecting the AP using a different cable or a different powering method.

    The UniFi Network app doesn't detect my AP automatically, what do I do?

    This is normal behavior for new devices. You'll need to scan the QR code on your AP or enter its MAC ID manually by clicking "Enter ID manually".

    LED Pattern Guide

    Flashing White / Off Every 1/2s

    AP is Booting

    Steady White

    Factory Defaults
    AP is Awaiting Adoption

    Steady Blue

    AP is Broadcasting SSIDs; Normal Operating Mode

    Quickly Flashing White / Blue

    Firmware Upgrade
    AP is Busy with Upgrade. Do not Interrupt!

    Strobing White / Off

    Initialization Error A12
    Power Cycle AP

    Blue and Flashing Off Every 5s

    AP Lost Network Connectivity, Searching for Wireless Uplink

    Flashing White-Blue-Off

    TFTP Mode
    The device is in TFTP mode, which is triggered by holding the reset button before applying power, then continuing to hold reset until this White/Blue/Off/repeat sequence is seen. If this is not intentional, check and see if the reset button is jammed, it should click when pushed.

    LED Off

    Device Offline
    Verify Power, POE and Ethernet Cable

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