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    Siren Toot on Arm & Disarm

    June 24th, 2022

    This option allows the user an audible confirmation that arming or disarming of the panel has occurred. The siren is programmed to give a short beep after successful arming, and two short beeps after disarming. This is useful when used in conjunction with remote or key-switch arming/disarming. 

    To enable Siren Toot on Away Arm and Disarm for Partition 1 follow the below steps:

    Enter 1479 * (Installer Code)

    Enter 211 * (Partition 1)

    Enter 10 * (Siren Toot on Arm)

    Press * to change "N" to "Y"

    Enter 11 * (Siren Toot on Disarm)

    Press * to change "N" to "Y"

    Press # #

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