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    Updating Camera Firmware

    March 12th, 2024

    In some cases you may be required to update a camera's firmware.

    If new firmware for the camera is available, it will be listed on the product page of the device.

    Please note that firmware upgrades are device specific meaning that there is different firmware for each camera.

    Updating Camera Firmware via Config Tool

    You can also use ConfigTool to update the firmware of your cameras.

    Click Browse

    Locate the firmware file that you have downloaded and click Open.

    Click the Upgrade button.

    A green tick indicates that the upgrade was successful.

    Updating Camera Firmware from the Cameras Web Interface

    1. Login to the cameras web interface using Internet Explorer
    2. Select Setting, then Upgrade which is located under System.
    3. Select Browse and locate the firmware file.
    4. Select Upgrade. The camera will restart after the upgrade.

    Updating Camera Firmware from a NVR

    1. Right Click and select Main Menu.
    2. Select Camera.
    3. Select the Update tab.
    4. Select File Update to browse the USB for the firmware upgrade.
    5. Select OK to start the upgrade. The camera will restart after the upgrade.

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