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    Access Control - Type of RFID cards

    March 8th, 2019

    There are mainly two types of RFID card for access control system:

    1. ID card: Low frequency (125kHz), fixed number programmed by manufacturer, read only, no encryption, easy to copy.
    2. IC card: Higher frequency (13.56MHz), can be re-programmed, encrypted, harder to copy.

    How to distinguish between ID card and IC card?

    a) ID card: There are 18 digits printed on the card.     IC card: Usually blank

    b) Use your mobile phone’s NFC function. (Android only).      

        i)  Download and install NFC tools from Google Play Store.

        ii) Turn on NFC function on your phone.

        iii) Tap the card on the phone, if the card is IC card, the card information will be displayed. If not, nothing will happen.

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