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    Intelligent function Introduction

    August 19th, 2020

    VIP series access controller is a full-featured access controller. In additional to simple in/out access function, there are many intelligent functions as well:

    First card unlock  - The specified doors must be unlocked by appointed users first, then other users can open the door afterward. It ensures that the door is always opened by appointed users before other users with lower access rights. For example, a shop manager must open the door earlier than the shop workers to make sure that the manager is in the shop when other workers come to work.

    Multi-card unlock  - The door is to be unlocked by TWO groups of user IN ORDER.

    Anti-passback  - The function is useful if there are two different doors for the entrance and exit. Once a user enters via the entrance door, he/she cannot open the entrance door again. If he/she wants to leave, he/she must use the exit door.

    Inter door-lock  - Door B cannot be opened if Door A is not closed. Typical application: Bank security doors. (Must install door open/close status sensors for this function to work)

    Remote verification  - When enabled, every user with access rights to enter a door will be verified by photo stored in the system. When a user taps the access card at the door requires remote verification, the Network Surveillance Camera at that door will show his/her image on the controller room's PC monitor. At the same time, a window with that user’s photo is pop-up so the operator can verify. If the photo matches, the operator must open the door manually  by clicking the “Open” button.

    Door open timeout notification - When a door is left opened for a time longer than the preset time, a warning signal will be displayed on the PC console. 

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