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    SmartPSS Quick Start Guide

    July 15th, 2019

    To download SmartPSS for your device, choose your Operating System below.

    Windows Smart PSS

    Apple Mac Smart PSS 

    Video Tutorial  

    Installing the Application.

    Once downloaded, double click to open the installer and follow the prompts to set up a password and security questions. 
    These login details are used to access the program and to restrict access to unauthorised users. 

    When the installation is finished the application will open and ask for this password. A shortcut will also be placed on the desktop.

    Connecting your device to Smart PSS

    To add a device, click on Devices from the Main Menu. To get back to the menu click the icon next to the tab name.

    Add a Device and Selecting a Connection Method. 

    There are two ways to connect to your recorder, Serial Number and IP Address. SN is best to use if you are unsure. Otherwise, you can use auto search and add the local IP address/device.

    Enter your device's login details

    This will be the same as the login details you use to login to the recorder. If you do not have the login details you will need to acquire them from the installer or owner of the machine. 

    Once you have entered in the details click Add to save the device.

    Device Name: Enter a reference name for the site/recorder

    Method to add: Choose between the Serial Number and IP address

    SN or IP/DOMAIN: Enter the SN or IP of your device

    Group Name: If using multiple sites, you can group them for easier viewing.

    User Name: The username of the account you are using to login

    Password: The password of this account

    Verify Online Status

    Once the recorder is added your device should appear as "Online", if the status says otherwise refer to the below. 

    Offline(Locked) - The device has had too many failed login attempts. The password may be incorrect or there is another connection to the recorder with the incorrect password. 

    Offline(Invalid user name or password) - The SN/IP of the device is not currently connected. Verify the recorder is online and connected. 

    How to watch your cameras in Live View

    Once you have added your device, select the plus icon at the top left. 

    1. Select Live View, under operation.

    2. Click the arrow to expand the recorder and list available cameras. 
    3. Click and drag or double click each channel to load it into the view.
      To open a camera channel in fullscreen simply double click on that channel. To revert back to the channel split, double click again.
      To change the channel split, choose from the presets or create your own custom split in the bottom right corner.
      If you have a PTZ or Motorised camera, they can be adjusted from the PTZ panel.

    How to Playback Footage

    1. From the Main Menu of Smart PSS, go to  Playback under the search tab.

    Now you need to choose, the cameras for playback, the date and time to be searched.
    Click on search. Once the search completes, click on play to start playback.
    If you select multiple cameras at one make sure to turn SYNC on. 

    How to Backup Footage


    Once your footage is playing back you can click the scissors icon bottom left hand corner. See Example 3-2
    This will pre select 1 hour of footage on the timeline bar. Click and drag the red box to change the start/end time. Once you have the correct time, click the scissor icon again to cut the footage. This will prompt you with a backup window asking where you would like to export the file.

    Figure 3-3 

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