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    VIP Vision Access Controller Factory Reset and Default Password

    Reset an access controller to factory default settings erasing all stored information and resetting the password

    To reset the access controller to factory settings:

    1) Power OFF the controller and switch DIP switches 1,3,5,7 to the ON position.

    2) Power ON the controller and wait a few seconds for it to boot  - A long beep will be heard indicating reset success.

    3) Power off the controller and return DIP switches 1,3,5,7 to the OFF position.

    4) Power ON the controller. The system has been reset to factory settings and may now be connected using Smart PSS with factory default settings:

    - Default IP address: (Ensure that your PC has an IP address in the same networking range)

    - Port 37777

    - User Name: admin

    - Default password: 123456

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