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    VIP Access Controller - Quick Setup

    October 25th, 2023

    Please note that this article is a quick run down that does not detail each step in full. For further instructions please the link below.

    VIP Vision Access Control User Manual vQ121.pdf

    After all hardware installation has been completed and verified. The next step is to install the Smart PSS PC console.

    Note: Smart PSS does not support Apple Mac OS. 

    With Smart PSS installed and connection with the access controller is successful, there are just 3 simple steps to finish basic setup:

    1) Sync the controller time to your PC.

    This is done by accessing the Device CFG page. Select the device then system

    1) Add users: Input User ID, Name, Department,  Card Number (read by the card enrolment reader), Card Type, Unlock Password (Keycode) if necessary and set the expiry date.

            Note: Card Number is read by the card enrolment reader, Card password can be ignored.

                       Unlock Password is the Keycode. Every user must have a unique keycode.

                       Leading zeros are not accepted. Keycode 0012345 is the same as 12345.

    2) Add door groups (Access Level): Add the doors and the Timezone. Give it a name. The doors in the group can only be unlocked by a group of people (to be assigned in step 3) in the specific time.

    For example: The group "All doors" includes all doors, "Office area" includes Door 1, Door 2 and Door 5.

    3) Assign users to the door group(Access level) : Click the "Add User" icon and then select the users to be assigned to this door group from the drop-down list.

    Note: If you don't finish all the steps above, you cannot open any doors by card or keycode.   

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