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    SIP Intercom Setup - Group Calling Apartment Intercoms

    July 19th, 2021

    When setting up monitors for group call (calling more then one Indoor Monitor at once), additional setup is required.

    1. Log into the Door Station’s web interface.
    2. Select Local Settings, then Basic.
    3. Turn on Group Call.

    1. Reboot the Door Station.
    2. Log back into the Door Station and select Household Setting, then Room Number Management.
    3. Add the Room Numbers you wish to call in groups, (e.g. 1#0 & 1#1 is a group of 2 Indoor Monitors, which would both be called when dialing number 1. 2#0, 2#1 & 2#2 is a group of 3 Indoor Monitors that would be called when dialing number 2.)
    4. Set the room numbers of the Indoor Monitors by following Section 4.2. Ensure that the room ending in #0 is setup as the master monitor.

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