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    NVR Type F Firmware Update

    May 18th, 2023


    This guide applies to the NVR models listed below:

    • NVR8PRO6
    • NVR8PRO7
    • NVR16PRO6
    • NVR16PRO7
    • NVR16PRO6NP
    • NVR24PRO6
    • NVR32PRONP2
    • NVR32PRO16P2
    • NVR32PRO16P3

    When updating to the new AI firmware there is a risk of damaging the NVR if you jump too far forward in firmware versions. We recommend updating it incrementally.

    Step 1 - Determine the build date of your current firmware

    In the Blue UI it can be found at Main Menu > (Info) System > Version

    In the Black UI it can be found at Main Menu > Maintain > System Info  OR  Operation > Information > Version 

    Step 2 - Download and install the firmware that has the next newest build date. Repeat until you have reached the latest firmware.

    In the example above the build date is 30-05-2018. So the firmware we want to start at in this example is 2018-10-12.

    1. Download the firmware from the list at the bottom of this article
    2. Put it on a USB and plug it into the NVR
    3. Select the System Update option that appears
    4. Select Upgrade
    5. Select the firmware file, then press Start

    Step 3 - Factory Default the NVR

    Before factory defaulting the NVR, ensure that you know the username and password of the system.

    1. Navigate to Main Menu > Maintain

    2. Select Manager > Default

    3. Select Factory Defaults.

    4. Select OK to confirm.

    Firmware List


    Please ensure you follow the steps above before updating firmware or you may damage your NVR.

    2017 Firmware


    2018 Firmware


    2019 Firmware




    2019-12-18 Introduction of Black UI

    New Baseline Firmware.

    Black UI with new AI Menu for configuration of cameras with AI features

    2020 Firmware


    2021 Firmware


    2022 Firmware



    2022-03-22 Change log

    New Baseline firmware.

    • Set IVS & Motion periods via NVR and sync to camera. Guide Link.
    • Bridge the NVRs POE network card to the LAN network card. Guide Link
    • Enable/Disable Syncing Blocklist/Allowlist for ANPR cameras between NVR & ANPR. Guide Link.
    • Disable Notifications when Disarming is active. Allows Notifications to be toggled and scheduled. Guide Link.
    • TV/Monitor Resolution detection for HDMI port. Resolution can be reset by holding the mouse scroll wheel for 15 seconds.

    2023 Firmware



    2023-05-15 Change log

    AI SSA Compatibility update. Added AI SSA toggle to the CameraImage for cameras that support this feature.
    AI SSA controls image features such as Backlight automatically. In order to manually adjust these controlled settings, AI SSA must be disabled first.

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